THE MAXIMALIST DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: For the past year, many people around the world have been living and working in their homes, dreaming up ways to add color and excitement to their lives that feel otherwise stagnant. Most home design shops on the web offer yet another version of minimalism, and finding anything special for the home requires scouring auction sites like Ebay and small artisan sites like Etsy, an often time-consuming process that rarely yields results. Visiting high-end decor shops can be inspiring until discovering prices that look like they belong on a car. By challenging the neutral and clean line minimalist philosophy with bold patterns, contrasting colors, and rich textures, The Maximalist will breathe life back into the stagnant interior design world.

THE MAXIMALIST SOCIAL & WORLD PHILOSOPHY: According to dictionary.com the word maximalist means a person who favors a radical and immediate approach to the achievement of a set of goals. The Maximalist believes that the world we currently live in requires radical change to ensure the safety and health of future generations. The Maximalist will continually reevaluate our systems to ensure that we intentionally promote racial and gender equality and support environmentally sustainable practices. The Maximalist believes that economic equality is necessary to build a more equitable world and, therefore, commits to purchasing at least 50% of its products from minority vendors and artists, including women, people of color, and people who identify as LGBTQ+. See our shipping page for sustainable shipping commitment.


Owner and CEO, Jennifer Potts, is a storyteller who has worked in the theatre and film industry for more than 30 years. Jennifer believes that our homes are part of our individual stories and that the way we design our own worlds should be inspiring and joyful. Jennifer has a passion for textiles and wallpaper, as well as color and texture, and she has spent years looking for that design she imagined, often resorting to creating the products herself. Jennifer also loves antiques, with a particular passion for the 1920s, and will seek to capture the boldness and freedom from convention that is often captured in 1920s design. When designing for the 21st century, Jennifer also believes in living with designs that are functional, so that we engage with our selected beauty every day.

Jennifer Potts, Owner of The Maximalist

Photo Credit: Sarah McDermott


Stewart, Dog in Chief

Photo Credit: Sarah McDermott

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